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With your specifications we custom metal fabricate a premium product

Here is a look at our machines and some of their capabilities as well as some of our welding services. Feel free to mix and match the services you need for you special project.

Draper Metal Fabrication Manufacturing Capacities

Bar & Structural Saw Cutting:

Hyd-Mech CNC Programmable Automatic Pivot Style Band Saw. Capacity 13" diameter @ 90 degrees, 12" diameter @ 45 degrees, 8.50" diameter @ 30 degrees.

Sheet & Plate Shearing:

Wysong Mechanical Shear with 36" Precision Back Gauging System. Capacity 0.25" x 120" Mild Steel, 0.19" x 120" Stainless Steel.

Corner Notching:

Boschert Corner Notcher. Capacity 8.75" x 8.75" x 0.25" Mild Steel, 8.75" x 8.75" x 0.19" Stainless Steel.

Sheet & Plate Punching:

Strippit Parma 1212 CNC 22 Ton Hydraulic 21 Station Turret Punch. Table Capacity 49.20" x 98.40" x 160 Lbs. Thickness Capacity 0.18" Mild Steel, 0.12" Stainless Steel, 0.25" Aluminum.

W.A. Whitney 30 Ton Hydraulic Manual Punch Press. Table Size 30.00" x 96.00". Punching Capacity 5.00 diameter hole in 0.19" thick mild steel, 0.69" diameter hole in 0.50" mild steel.

Sheet & Plate Bending:

Yawei PBH 175 Ton x 10ft Precision CNC Hydraulic Press Brake. Stroke repeatability / accuracy+/-0.0004". Wila Precision Ground Tooling with hydraulic clamping system. Bending Capacity 0.31" x 108" mild steel, 0.19" x 120" stainless steel.

Wysong 110 Ton x 10ft Mechanical Press Brake with programmable CNC back gauge. Bending Capacity 0.19" x 120" mild steel, 0.12" x 120" stainless steel.


Multiple Mig Welding Machines with 0.50" thickness capacity capable of welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Multiple Tig Welding Machines with 0.50" thickness capacity capable of welding steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Spot Welder with 0.25" total thickness capacity in steel and stainless steel materials.

Wood Working Equipment:

Speed-Cut 5ft x 12ft Panel Saw with Precision Panel Routering Attachment.

Felder G300 Edgebander with Glue Pot. Maximum Banding Tape size: 0.12" thick x 1.75" wide.

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